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These are some of the articles that our teachers have written to help guitar students, beginner and advanced alike. There is a lot of disinformation on the net regarding all things guitar. Let us help you with our direct advice and proven experience.

How to Choose the Best Guitar Teacher

Are you searching for a good guitar teacher? Are you sure you absolutely know what to look forward in a teacher? If all you are thinking about is "price and location" then you better read this article before you end up with the wrong person. In few minutes I will show you how to avoid years of frustrations.

How to choose the best guitar teacher

How Your Child Benefits From Music Lessons

A short scholarly review of the benefits that your child can derive from attending music lessons and learning how to play an instrument. Benefits range from increased intelligence to better math and language comprehension, to increased confidence and self-esteem.

Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

How to Buy a Good (Beginner) Guitar Without Breaking the Bank

Do you need to buy a new guitar? Well, many people will give you a recommendation on a specific brand of guitars, or just tell you what they use. This is not a ood idea for many reasons. The truth is that there are only TWO very simple things that you should check in a guitar. Which ones? Discover them here:

How to Buy a Good Beginner Guitar

3 Most Common Beginner Issues

Are you just starting to play guitar? Most beginners like you experience the same problems when starting out. Find out what these problems are and how to solve them here:

Three Common Beginner Problems

"Your First Chords" FREE eBook + Video

Want to get start with the right foot in learning your guitar? You can download here a FREE (as in: you are not paying) eBook + Video lesson for absolute beginners.

Your First Chords Free eBook