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  • Are you a parent of a child (7 or older) that has expressed interest in playing guitar?
  • Your child is musically talented and you want to help them realize his/her potential?
  • You want your child to experience the great benefits of learning to play an instrument?

We are here to help you! You can request immediately a FREE consultation with our teachers so that they can help you get started with your best foot forward and make music lessons a positive experience for you and your child. Together we will discuss a personalized educational strategy that will take into account both you and your child's needs and schedule.

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The Many Benefits Your Child Gets From Music Lessons

Experts in education and development all agree that taking music lessons gives many benefits to your child. From greater coordination, to higher attention span, to increased self-esteem, taking music lessons is one of the best activities in which your child can be involved in.

Of course all these benefits can be reaped only if the teacher is a competent and professional. One of the things that many "ordinary" instructors do not understand is that children learn in a completely different way than adults. It seems obvious when you read it, right? And yet, I have seen countless times teachers who use the same syllabus and the same methods with both kids, teens, and adults. In fact, I have even seen some teachers who keep kids and adults in the same class! This is a recipe for disaster!

Here at the Edmonton Guitar Music School we recognize that kids are not merely "small adults". They have different motivations to learn to play guitar, different needs, and so they need to be taught in a completely different way in order to have a positive and empowering learning experience. For these reasons all our kids are taught separately form adults, and all our teachers who work with kids have been trained for teaching children with the most effective and pedagogically sound methods.

Convenient, Affordable, and Professional

Here at Edmonton Guitar Music School we understand that as a parent you are living a very full life. We do understand the sacrifices you are already making in order to grow and educate your child in the best possible way.

Here are some of the advantages to having your child take lessons with us.

  • Our central location allows easy access from any part of Edmonton.
  • We are located close to many grocery stores: of course allowing you to pick up some groceries while your child is at lessons. Very time-saving and convenient!
  • We will work with you to find a lesson schedule that fits your needs.

A Great Educational Experience

In short:

  • Music Lessons are a great learning experience for your child that will bring multiple advantages to his Physical and Mental development.
  • Music Lessons are FUN!
  • We will help you get started and make the experience positive and memorable For both you and your child

There is no need to wait anymore! Book today a free one-on-one introductory lesson with our teacher Tracy so you and your child can meet her in person and take the first steps into the wonderful journey of learning a musical instrument! Click on the button below:

P.S.If you are still in doubt, you can download this free guide on how to choose a great music teacher. You'll find it useful in your search for the right teacher for you!