Music Performance Workshops

  • Do you dream to stand in front of an audience and be applauded for your musical performance, but you are just too afraid to step on stage?
  • Do you want to feel at ease on stage and play/sing like it's the most natural thing in the world?
  • You already have some experience performing, but you need to boost your confidence and get to know all the tricks that pros know about performing?

We know exactly how you feel! It's one thing to be proficient with your voice or an instrument, but it's a whole different world to actually go on a stage and share your gift with an audience. If you both desire and dread going on stage, we have the solution for you!

Open Stages Are The Wrong Place To Start!

Many people start their performing career the hard way: by playing on open stages or at jam sessions. And there would be nothing wrong with that except:

  • Depending on the place you go to perform, the audience may not be sympathetic: they expect perfection from anybody, anytime, and they may actually boo performers who were doing a decent job. And yes, we have seen similar scenes many times!
  • You may not be mentally prepared to step on stage. Pushing yourself beyond reason is not the right thing to do: being prepared and confident is what you should strive for!
  • Even if you manage to get onstage and the audience is not too bad, there is too much pressure in these environments to actually focus on your performance and critically review it in order to learn something.

Now, there have been many musicians who have followed the hard way of going on stage and getting everything wrong until they got everything right. On the other hand, why make things more difficult for yourself? Performing on stage is not a mysterious art that you can learn only after 20 years of trial and error: it's just a skill like many others, and like many other skills it can be learned and trained to perfection if you find the right coach to help you.

Performing Made Easy

Here at the Edmonton Guitar Music School we care about you and about your musical growth! For this reason we created an exclusive opportunity for all our students to learn how to perform in a safe and nurturing environment: our Music Performance Workshops.

How we are going to help you in becoming a better performer? At the Music Performance Workshops we are going to give you a safe environment in which to perform. You come to the Workshop, and perform a song that you have prepared previously (with your music trainer during regular lessons). Before, during, and after your performance we will be there with you, coaching and counselling you so that you can learn how to get the best from yourself.

You will also be able to attend all the performances by the other participants, so that you will learn also from them! This is the kind of positive and supporting audience you want for your first experiences and when you are honing your craft.

A Friendly and Helpful Audience

Here are few things that will happen during the Music Performance Workshops:

  • You will receive constructive comments from professional trainers (us) that will help you take out the best in you! We've all been there (not a single one of us was born on stage!) and we all remember our first stage experiences so we can empathize with you and show you what to do to be more confident and at ease
  • You will get encouragement from other people learning to perform like you: they will be your audience and "support group" that will motivate you while learning how to perform.
  • You will be part of the audience too when other participants perform, so you will be given the occasion to learn how to really listen to a performance and diagnose it in a constructive way. You'll get to see the trainers help the students get the best out of their performances. This will give you a vastly more comprehensive experience on how to be on stage and how to deal with the different situations that might happen during a show.

As you can see you have the best of both words: you can perform in front of an audience, and also feel safe because the audience is always going to be friendly and constructive! The Music Performance Workshop is really a special place to be, and you will rapidly gain all the confidence you need to sing/play in front of any audiences.

When, Where, How

All seminars will be held at the Edmonton Guitar Studio. We will organize one seminar a month so that you will enjoy continuous, long-term progress and you will have enough time to prepare a new song or perfect an old one between seminars.

To know the date of the next seminar, please check our music events page.

Be there few minutes earlier to allow for the registration

Due to the need of personal interaction with the teacher, the places available for this seminar are EXTREMELY limited. All places are assigned on a first-arrived first-served basis.

At every seminar we have people asking if they can come after all the tickets are sold: we have to turn them away. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON! Book your place NOW by clicking on the button below.

Music Performance Workshop Entrance:

  • $35 single seminar, presale (via Paypal on this page, or cash at the Edmonton Guitar Music School)
  • $40 single seminar, at the door
  • Special price: attend the next 6 seminars for only $167.

All sales are final, no refund is possible after booking your place.