Which Kind of Music Lessons for Me?

The type of lessons you are going to take depends on your specific goals. Would you like to be able to play electric guitar or acoustic guitar? Would you like to be able to sing? Are you an adult searching for lessons for yourself, or are you looking for lessons for your child? If you don't know what kind of lessons is the best fit for you, then you should contact us so we can discuss it at our first FREE session together. We will help you getting started with the right foot, with no obligations on your part!

Guitar Lessons For Kids

If you are searching for guitar lessons for your kids, you are in the right place. Here at Edmonton Guitar we know that the learning needs of kids are different than the needs of teens and adults. We also know that we have to take into account the scheduling needs of the parents - and we are happy to do it!

Music lessons are a great way for a kid to grow with a productive and educational activity. If you want to get more information for guitar lessons for your kids, please read our page on Kids Guitar Lessons in Edmonton

Adult Acoustic Guitar

If you want to play songs at a campfire, or accompany yourself while singing, then you most likely want to take lessons for acoustic guitar. We are offering a variety of learning formats for acoustic guitar. You can learn more about our acoustic guitar lessons here: Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Edmonton

Adult Electric Guitar

If you are a rocker, or you want to play guitar solos , then our electric guitar lessons are for you! The electric guitar is a great instrument to have fun with. It is also a great instrument to get started, as the strings are less difficult to press than on an acoustic guitar. For more info on our electric guitar lessons click here: Electric Guitar Lessons in Edmonton

Voice Lessons

Did you always wanted to be able to sing? You sing under the shower, but you are not confident doing it in front of other people? Or you already sing on stage, but you want to be able to polish your voice to an higher level of performance? We have the solution for you! Read here about our Voice Lessons in Edmonton.

Piano Lessons

The keyboard is your instrument? Maybe you want to play classical music, or you simply want to have this versatile instrument at your fingertips to accompany you while you sing. If you want to master the piano, or want help to prepare for an RCM exam, then our Piano Lessons in Edmonton are right for you!

Gift Cards!

If the lessons are not for you, but for a friend, a relative, or your significant other, and you want to give them a gift, then we have the solution for you! Our Edmonton Guitar Gift Cards can be purchased and downloaded immediately and make a great gift for everybody. Give the gift of music!