Your First Guitar Chords eBook

Dan Smith and Tommaso Zillio, Instructors ad Edmonton Guitar Music School

Are you a beginner guitar player? Do you feel frustrated trying to learn your first chords? Playing guitar seems much harder than it should be?

Well, one thing is for certain: it's not your fault. Whether you are trying to learn from Internet resources, a DVD, or a live instructor, chances are that you have not been shown the correct things in the right order. Some "old school" methods that are still widespread today seem to do everything backwards and make the life of the student as difficult as possible. If the first chord you have been taught has been either C or G, then you know what we are talking about. While G is a great-sounding chord, it is by no means the easiest to play as it requires a stretch that is uncomfortable to perform unless you have large hands or you have had some previous training. The G chord should NOT be taught first, and you should NOT take any lessons or advice from anyone that teaches it as your first chord.

Another problem with the "old school" methods is that they teach you the chords and expect you to figure out how to move from one chord to the next one while playing. If you ever tried to play a song and you sounded "choppy" or "out of time" you know what we mean. Learning to "change" between the chords fluidly, efficiently and effortlessly is absolutely important. Once you are able to do that, playing will feel natural and it will be a joy.

For all these reasons, and to help you getting started on the right foot, here at Edmonton Guitar Music School we have written for you a FREE eBook on how to learn your first chords. By downloading this eBook you will:

  • Learn WHICH chords you should learn first, and in the right order, so that you will not be faced by difficult chords (such as G or C) before you are ready for it
  • Learn how to switch effortlessly between these chords so that playing will finally feel EASY
  • Get access to an exclusive video lesson made specifically for this eBook so that you will see how to play everything that is explained in the eBook. And see it again and again as you need it!

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