Student Testimonials

"Every time I leave my lesson I'm more and more excited about coming back and learning more."

Dana Shellenberg(Edmonton), Electric guitar beginner class.

"I have a teach-yourself guitar book, and I couldn’t really get it, didn’t know what I was doing. Coming in and having someone show me was really helpful. Tommaso really shows you how to do it, transitioning between chords and stuff, little tricks, it’s really helpful. I learned a few things I didn’t expect to learn, like learning to play with other people, timing, counting... I really like group lessons format."

Krista Parrot, Acoustic Guitar Intermediate Class

"I would say I’m 10 times the guitarist from when I originally came in. Every class is fun and when I screw up, there’s no real pressure against it. I like the class format because you get to play with other people, and you get used to being able to play with someone else"

Jeff Morton, Acoustic Guitar Intermediate Class

"I am having more fun and learning more with the guitar than I have in the last 5 years put together. I thought I should let you know that I am very pleased with my progression and the path we are on."

Keith Nessel, Acoustic Guitar Intermediate Class

"Now when I'm at home playing I don't just sit down and do the same thing that I did for the last two years."

Adrian Abu-Ulba (Edmonton), Electric guitar intermediate class.

"I was sick of just playing the pentatonic scale, not knowing what goes into making music, theory, songwriting, and technique to play faster. Now it's getting to the point where I'm excited to show up and learn all of these new things. I can spot things out of songs and play songs that I wasn't able to a year ago. Stuff I thought was impossible to play I can grasp now.

Chris Drummond (Edmonton), Electric Guitar Advanced Class.

"Taking lessons with Tommaso actually helped improve my technical aspect of playing. It helped me be more precise, more certain of what I am playing. I like it's that it's a small group of people in the classes. We all are music enthusiasts. Everyone in the class has something to contribute to your playing"

Alex Dudin (Edmonton), Electric Guitar Advanced Class.

"The big thing I didn’t expect to learn was how comfortable I would be in a group setting. If you’re worried about the group scenario, don’t be, just come in and try it."

Jeff Berger, Electric Intermediate Class

"I decided to take lessons with Tom because I found that learning on my own, learning from the internet, I was hitting a plateau. I wasn't getting any better, wasn't developing any new skills, Tom really opened up my eyes to a new way of playing, new techniques that drastically improved my playing. Some things as simple as how to hold the pick I've been doing wrong all this time. Having Tom show me how to correct these things has made an enormous difference. Tom's one of the best instructors I've had, and I've had a number in the past."

Wes Thomas (Edmonton), Electric Guitar Advanced Class.

"Dante is an excellent guitarist! He must have a great teacher!"

Jennifer Iacobelli for her son Dante (14), Electric guitar Private student (Edmonton).

"Tommaso's teaching approach provides a perfect balance of technical advice, practical theory and creative guidance, that has helped my playing advance to the next level. For years, I had tried all sorts of guitar teaching methods (DVD's, videos, books) with limited success, and my guitar playing stagnated as a result. Since teaming up with Tommaso, my playing has advanced faster in the last year than in the previous fifteen years. Tommaso's guitar lessons have been the best investment I have made in my pursuit to be a better guitar player and a guitar soloist."

Mark Plamondon (Fort Saskatchewan), Electric guitar private student.

"Dan is an excellent teacher. He had very good input into the issues I was having and is an extremely knowledgeable guitar player/teacher. I have to admit that I really enjoyed his lesson, as well as the fact that he takes the time to answer the numerous questions I always have."

Robert James (Edmonton), Electric Guitar Beginner Class

"Lessons with Tom made a huge difference in my playing, within two weeks actually, it was pretty amazing.Tom was teaching me the skills I needed to learn, to play the songs I wanted to play."

Nicole Ringuette.

"I had some books at home, and I didn't know what to do, I just stared at them, as soon as I went in for lessons, it was amazing. I didn't know if I wanted to take lessons, but once I went to my first class I knew: 'Yes, This Is Right For ME!'"

Monika Pesik

"Right from the beginning, every time I come to class I learn something that's helped me make new songs, I enjoy the music more. After taking lessons, it just exploded, I was picking up on stuff really quickly, it really works for me, it was great!"

Steve B.

"I decided to take lessons with Dan, because I found myself playing the same patterns and songs over and over. Dan found a lot of weaknesses in my playing, and helped me develop those to get better, I find that my lead playing is a lot better than it was before, as well as keeping rhythm."

Brian Lam

"I look forward to coming to lessons, and I always feel like I've learned lots, and I find playing with other people is quite energizing. I've learned lots of tips and techniques to help advance me forward every lesson."

Jennifer Zwicker

"I've become more confident, I feel that Tommaso teaches at my level, and a little bit above my level, I feel challenged but still feel confident in my playing."

Gabriela Constantinescu

"Where I progressed the most was with the little shortcuts that Tommaso teaches, how to shift from one chord to another, without making it more complicated than it actually is. Taking lessons with Tommaso has been great, I'm learning and progressing, I really enjoy it."

Bronwyn Irvine

"Taking lessons with Dan is good because he's the kind of guy that will show you something and try to make it as simple as possible. The single thing that Dan has helped me most with so far, is to just slow down, and focus on what I'm doing, and to understand what I'm doing"

Ryan Drury

"James had a fabulous experience last night! Whatever Dan did, it was magic."

Susan Bly for her son James, Electric Guitar Beginner Class

"My favourite thing about lessons is, learning with other people. My perception about guitar lessons has changed, in, that I actually learned quite a bit, and it was easier than I thought it would be."

Tracy Farrell

"Group lessons definitely have an advantage over private lessons, because you're typically not learning to play guitar to sit in a room by yourself, you want to play with other people. I definitely recommend taking lessons from Dan, you get a high level of knowledge, but in a way that keeps you encouraged."

Mike Tokunaga


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